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Four Elks

Beard Oil

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Four Elks Beard Oil nourishes, repairs, and conditions men's beards. Our Beard Oil is a staple to any mans grooming routine.

  • Scent Mountain Tree
  • Handmade in London, Canada by Frontier Man Beard Co.
  • Made with natural and organic oils 
  • 1 film oz./ 30 ml 

How to use:

Start with a clean, dry beard; we recommend after using our Mountain Tree Bearn Wash.

Shake 3 to 4 drops (more for longer beards) into your hand and work Four Elks Beard Oil into your beard and skin. Start at base of Beard and work oils into the ends of your hair and up to your chin and cheeks.

Remember it's just as important to get your beard as well as the skin the beneath your beard to maintain healthy hydrated skin. Your beard grows fast when the skin beneath your beard and beard it's self is healthy.

For those who live in harsher climates, you may want to apply in the afternoon.


Ingredients: safflower, castor, olive, sweet almond Oil, essential oils.

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