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About Four Elks

Four Elks? What does that mean?

We are called Four Elks because of our love for the outdoors, country music and Canadian made products. The Four in our name represents the Four Season of our Canadian Lifestyle. The Elks in our name is referring to a small town called Elk Lake, Ontario. Elk Lake is were our founder Lisa Jane love for the outdoors began.

We thrive on empowering the outdoor experience to others and to share our love of the Canadian Lifestyle.

Some of the ways we keep Four Elks sustainable is by using materials like Bamboo for our tops, recycling bullet casings into jewellery and using natural soy for our candles.


Image of Founder/Owner: Lisa Jane



Visit Us


Western Fair Farmer's + Artisan's Market

900 King Street East, London, Ontario, N5W 2X7

We are on the second floor above the main entrance across from Spruce Moose and beside Suzy RW Sharpening. Look for our Elk Antlers and you'll spot us.

Saturday - 8 am–3 pm
Sunday 10am-2pm